24 Sep 2019

TERM 3. Week 10, 2019

Well we have come to the end of another term and school holidays are just around the corner. I would like to take this opportunity to notify the school community that I will be taking a longer than normal holiday—as I will be on long-service leave for all of term 4. Soula Tsekouras has been appointed as Principal and Amy Grant will be the Assistant Principal during this time

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10 Sep 2019

TERM 3. Week 8, 2019

I try to limit my time on social media as I am aware of the perils of too much time spent in front of a screen. But from time to time I come across an article or message from this online ‘space’ that resonate with me or makes me think about the world through a different lens.

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27 Aug 2019

TERM 3. Week 6, 2019

BOOKWEEK 2019 provided a great opportunity to refurbish an unattractive space within the school and turn it into a fun and inviting Community Library. Our Book Nook was unveiled on Monday and has been in constant use since!

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15 Aug 2019

TERM 3. Week 4, 2019

BOOK WEEK will be held in Week 5. Many fun learning activities have been planned across the year levels.
Watch this space between now and

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02 Jul 2019

TERM 2. Week 10, 2019

At BPS we want to create opportunities for students to read as much as possible. Research indicates that children who read for more than 20 minutes a day, outside of school , tend to preform better in academic situations. So we launched

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18 Jun 2019

TERM 2. Week 8, 2019

Every parent wants his or her child to be a successful reader. Reading, after all, provides the foundation for a great education as well as a lifelong skill that

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03 Jun 2019

TERM 2. Week 6, 2019

Dear Parents / Caregivers

Improving reading and comprehension skills is our priority at BPS. At the end of week 5, every term , students R-3 have their reading progress tracked and monitored. Teachers then meet with me to discuss the data

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27 May 2019

TERM 2. Week 4, 2019

Dear Parents / Caregivers

At Brompton Primary School our vision is to create fluent and enthusiastic readers. Competence in reading is key to independent learning and has a direct effect on progress in all other areas of the curriculum

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06 May 2019

TERM 2. Week 1, 2019

Today is my first day back at work after being on leave for the past four weeks. During this time I travelled with my family to Morocco and it was amazing. The countryside was beautiful

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09 Apr 2019

TERM 1. Week 11, 2019

The first quarter is just about over! Everybody is just about ready for a break. As I write this I am getting very excited as I am on leave for week 11 and week 1 of next term.

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