20 Oct 2020

TERM 4. Week 2, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers,
Thankyou to our school community for adhering to COVID 19 restrictions and modifications to lifestyle. Although South Australia is doing well we need to do our part to keep it there! Families are still only permitted to access the school grounds (asphalt area) and not enter the classrooms

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17 Sep 2020

TERM 3. Week 10, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers
BPS is famous! Last week two of our students, Ben and Aisha, made the Advertiser paper. The Education Department has launched some curriculum papers to support teachers and they used our students and site for the official launch.

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25 Aug 2020

TERM 3. Week 6, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers

Humans need connection with others in order to survive and thrive. I recently met with a lovely lady called Marigold White who together with another lady, Adrianna Pearce, created a not-for-profit community group called ‘UNIITY’ UNIITY is a group that creates ‘opportunities’ for people to come together and connect . These connections often result in friendships being formed and networks being developed …

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11 Aug 2020

TERM 3. Week 4, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers

Thankyou to our school community for maintaining social distancing standards when dropping off and picking up your child. It is imperative that we do everything we can do to keep our community healthy. With this in mind, I would like to inform the community that spectators will not be invited to this year’s SPORTS DAY…

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28 Jul 2020

TERM 3. Week 2, 2020

‘The outdoor play and learning environment
needs to be an environment where inspiration
and creativity can take root, where curiosity
and spontaneity can be realised, and where
risk and failures can be experienced.’ …

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30 Jun 2020

TERM 2. Week 10, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers

Your child will bring home their report card on Wednesday. Hopefully this report does not contain any ‘new’ information as we aim for parents and educators to be working in partnership — keeping in contact with each other regularly to discuss learning progress

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16 Jun 2020

TERM 2. Week 8, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers

Your child will receive their mid year report on Wednesday Week 10. This will contain information that reflects how well your child is progressing against the goals and targets set within the Australian Curriculum .

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02 Jun 2020

Term 2. Week 6, 2020

Well so much has been happening here at BPS over the term. For many students the term started with them doing ‘HOME LEARNING’ with their parents being the teacher. Parents have shared with me their many varied experiences of supporting the home learning.

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12 May 2020

TERM 2. Week 2, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers
So much in the world has changed since our last newsletter issue. COVID 19 has us social distancing , toilet paper has become a highly valuable resource and for some of us we are learning at home rather than engaging in face to face lessons.

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17 Mar 2020

TERM 1. Week 8, 2020

Schools develop a SITE IMPROVEMENT PLAN to guides the focus for the year. Our SIP is available on the school’s website if you would like to read more about the targets that have been set …

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